Date/time: January 9, 2024, 6:00 pm

Location: Byrd Barr Place, 722 18th Avenue, Seattle WA 98122


City Councilmember Joy Hollingsworth will join us for a discussion related to land use issues, and especially the future of the Design Review program.

In 2023 the City Council adopted a timeline to replace the program of Design Review for housing and commercial developments in the City of Seattle. The details of the new program are expected to be worked out in the next few months and presented to the City Council some time in 2024.

Also, the last session of the Legislature adopted new laws significantly restricting Design Review programs for all Washington cities, including Seattle. For example, meetings at which developers share the details of their proposed plans with the public will be limited. The elements of buildings that can be considered as part of the Design Review process may also be limited.

In the Central Area, we have a specific set of Design Guidelines in addition to those that apply to the City as a whole. The Central Area Design Guidelines were developed through grassroots efforts of local stakeholders determined to implement goals of the City’s Equitable Development Framework, including “preserving cultural communities and building (their) capacity to have greater self-determination.” The further focus of the Guidelines is to “reflect the unique historical character of the Central Area, and facilitate inclusive and equitable growth and development.”

The conversation with Councilmember Hollingsworth comes at an important time. Please consider attending.